Our history

1990: The Francofolies of La Rochelle took place in Blagoevgrad, which for two years make the city the third capital after La Rochelle itself, and Montreal, in Canada, where the festival is organized. Full of enthusiasm and filled with the desire to help the local organization of the festival, a group of French-speaking people from very different backgrounds create the first Franco-Bulgarian association. The idea of ​​an Alliançe Francaise is also in the air. The creation of the association is made possible after the official arrival in 1991 of the first general delegate of the Alliance Française of Paris in Bulgaria, Mr. Nicolas Lefilleul.

1992: The Constituent Assembly of the Alliance Française Association of Blagoevgrad is a fact.

1993: The Blagoevgrad City Council assigns it premises in the center of the former Varosha district and, two months later, the Alliance Française of Paris, represented by its General Secretary  Mr. Jean Harzic, recognizes the new-born association as part of its network in Bulgaria. At the official ceremony in Varosha, the Alliance Française de Blagoevgrad is declared the most beautiful house among the alliances in Europe.

1993-2005: The Association is developing its statuary activities which include: educational activity – teaching and spreading of the French language; cultural activity – propagation of French culture and civilization; international activity – promotion of Bulgarian culture in France, deepening and broadening Bulgarian-French contacts in the cultural and business fields, including with the countries of the French-speaking community.

Since its creation, the association has organized dozens of shows, concerts, exhibitions, conferences …. Annual competitions on the French language and contemporary France effectively complement the educational process of AF students.
The theater troupe with the AF takes part in almost all editions of the festival of French-language school theater “Jean-Louis Barrault” in Bulgaria, twice in festivals in Romania and once in Austria! A very good start marked the children’s choir “Rossignol” which, in two years, has successfully created a repertoire of French and Bulgarian songs. Two exhibitions of the “Robert Doisneaux” photo club have also been put in plqce and inaugurated.

Since 2005: The Association continues to develop, welcoming several trainees who, thanks to their motivation and enthusiasm, work for the promotion of the French language in Blagoevgrad through the cultural events they organize – concerts, dance shows, various thematic workshops …

Today, with its many years of experience, the Alliance Française of Blagoevgrad feels better able to maintain its position as a European center for educational, cultural and informative purposes, widely open to the inhabitants of the city and region and especially to its young people who have the opportunity to learn and / or perfect their knowledge of a language as rich and ever modern, even more so today, in its status as legal language of the European Union.